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We are hiring Research & Marketing Associates

Careers at 3D Tek your Premier Source for Technology and Executive Talent. We are hiring Research & Marketing Associates.

... are you there or almost there? How did it happen? Lack of Career Track?
(At 3D Tek there is a ladder to climb, with company equity at the top.)
Dying, local niche?
(We work nationally in high demand hi tech niches that are growing.)
Incestuous Training handing down the same old clichés?
(Our training includes one-on-one intensive care, and a thirst for new ways)
No tangible reward?
(Our comp plan is world class, with lots of contests and incentives)
Not having any fun?
(Unacceptable here. We have two rules, we only laugh at what is funny, and everything is funny.)

You'll need:

  • Strong people 'reading' skills
  • Ability to communicate with executives
  • High energy levels
  • Negotiation skills

Don't send us a resume, yet. We're not as interested in what you have done as we are in what you want to do.

Send a one page hand written letter telling us 3 things:

  1. What you believe you are capable of.
  2. The strongest natural talent you have.
  3. How we can reach you.

Mail your letter to:

3D Tek, Inc.
138 Bushnell Plaza, Suite 303
Bushnell, FL 33513

Let's discover how we can work together

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