DataTel WebAdvisor Recruiting and Staffing Solutions from 3D Tek , 3D Tek provides Datatel WebAdvisor programming solutions on a contract or direct hire needs.


WebAdvisor students, applicants, faculty, employees, advancement officers, alumni and friends, And is fully compliant

DataTel WebAdvisor Recruiting and Staffing Solutions from 3D Tek for all your programming jobs.

Datatel WebAdvisor gives constituents online access to virtually any information they need, any time of the day, by simply clicking a mouse. Datatel’s online self-service solution empowers your institution to offer a full spectrum of online services through innovative business workflows and sophisticated forms.

Through convenient single sign-on functionality, community news, services, e-commerce capabilities, and e-learning offerings are all available hassle-free. And WebAdvisor seamlessly integrates with Datatel Colleague, so all the information your constituents need is delivered in real-time from one central, secure location. Aligned with your institution's Internet security strategy, WebAdvisor safeguards information from unauthorized users and prevents them from entering improper data.

Designed specifically to follow the unique business processes of higher education institutions, WebAdvisor forms and workflows meet the self-service needs of all constituents, including: students, applicants, faculty, employees, advancement officers, alumni and friends, and members of the community. And WebAdvisor is fully compliant with Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines, ensuring that individuals with disabilities have the same access to and use of information as those without disabilities.

WebAdvisor incorporates an open architecture infrastructure to easily integrate your Web site and third-party software resources, expanding the reach of the online educational experience. It can be distributed on an existing Web site, operate as a self-service Intranet, or integrate seamlessly within your community portal. And you can easily support your institution’s unique branding through advanced customization features and stylesheets.

Base WebAdvisor Self-Service Forms

  • Self-Service for Applicants
  • Self-Service for Students
  • Self-Service for Faculty
  • Self-Service for Budget Officers
  • Self-Service for Vendors
  • Self-Service for Employees
  • Self-Service for Development Officers
  • Self-Service for Alumni

Technical Roles include:

  • Programmers / Developers / Analysts
  • Software Engineers
  • Performance Testers
  • Database Administrators / DBA
  • Systems Administrators
  • Project Managers/Leads
  • CIO's
  • VP's
  • Web Developers
  • Quality Assurance Analysts
  • Database Developers
  • System Architects
  • Network Administrators
  • IT Directors
  • CTO's

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