3D Tek Executive Job Search Firm Frequently Asked Questions , Recruitment agencies are often inundated with applicants, meaning your resume won't get the attention it deserves. That’s where 3D Tek comes in.


Spend your time working, not looking for work

3D Tek Executive Job Search Firm Frequently Asked Questions. Spend your time working, not looking for work.

Searching for your next assignment is hard work. Many positions are never advertised, especially for C-Level or contract assignments. When they are, companies are often inundated with resumes, meaning yours won’t get the attention it deserves. That’s where 3D Tek comes in. Since we’re in direct contact with the hiring source, we know about the open positions & assignments, and having the inside track means you get the edge you need to make sure your presented in front of the right person. It’s like knowing someone on the inside.

Our Account Managers have longstanding relationships with the hiring managers. We know what they’re looking for and know what you can do. We select the best talent for the assignment, then hand deliver the top two or three resumes. That means you get the attention and priority, that can mean the difference between being lost in a pile of resumes vs getting the job.

Partnering with 3D Tek gives you the high visibility, continued career growth, and professional satisfaction you’ve been looking for. And it doesn’t cost you a penny.

Career Management FAQ's

  1. How do I learn about assignments that interest me?
  2. Do you submit my resume for me?
  3. How do I set up an interview?
  4. Who will be paying me for assignments I find through 3D Tek?
  5. What benefits can I expect when I work through 3D Tek?
  6. How long does a contract job last?
  7. How do I get started?
  8. What assignment positions are 3D Tek's clients looking to hire for?
  9. What skills are clients looking for?

How do I learn about opportunities that interest me?

It’s easy. Just take a few minutes to set up a Assignment Alert Agent. This will alert you to any assignment that match your criteria. You can receive emails based on specific salary range, geographic preferences, industry, skill set, or any combination of these criteria.


Do you submit my resume for me?

Yes, but we only submit it for opportunities you’re interested in, and only with your prior consent. We never submit your resume on our own. You begin the process by applying on our web site for an assignment that interests you. Each assighment has a unique set of questions provided by the client that we use to pre-qualify you. If you qualify, we’ll call you and discuss the details, location, work environment, and other applicable information before sending your resume to our client.


How do I set up an interview?

We take care of that for you. When a client is ready to schedule an interview, we coordinate with you to find a mutually agreeable day and time. After the interview we follow up with both of you so we can learn how the interview went and proceed to the next step.


Who will be paying me for positions I find through 3D Tek?

If you’re a permanent/direct hire, you’re an employee of the client company and receive salary and benefits directly from them. If it’s a contract, project, or remote telecommute position, 3D Tek is your employer. 3D Tek will pay you bi-weekly for services rendered. If you’re a W-2 contractor you’ll be eligible for benefits (see below). You will need to submit a weekly time sheet by 10 am on Monday. If you’re a W-2 contractor, 3D Tek will handle payroll-related taxes.


What benefits can I expect when I work through 3D Tek?

Independent contractors and W-2 consultants receive:

  • Competitive rates
  • Access to 3D Tek's IT Library for enhancing & learning new skills.

In addition, 3D Tek has partnered with Yurcor so that 3D Tek can offer you W-2 employment for any contract positions. Yurcor will act as the Employer of Record Service. This partnership was created to combine two specific ideas: the ability for you to work as a W-2 Employee anywhere on a nationwide basis, AND the security of a W2 employee status, with optional benefits. Essentially you have the freedom to make the choices that impact your career, but as your employer we remove the back office paperwork which will allow you to concentrate on what you do best... consult! By joining the 3D Tek/Yurcor team, you have just taken the first step to ensure a lifestyle that affords extra power and peace of mind.

W-2 optional benefits consist of:

  • Health Insurance by Cigna PPO
  • Dental Benefits by Guardian
  • Vision Benefits by Spectera
  • Life Insurance by Guardian ($25K with option to purchase up to $100K)
  • Long-term Disability Insurance by Guardian
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan by Fidelity Investments
  • 529 College Savings Plan by Alliance Capital
  • Consultants are covered as W-2 employees under Yurcor’s General Liability, Errors & Omissions and Workers Compensation Insurance.
  • Pre-tax deductions such as optional insurance and/or 401(k) contribution, and our expense reimbursement program are valuable programs that allow you to directly affect the dollar amount on your paycheck, where your taxes are applied.
  • Direct Deposit


How long does a contract job last?

Contracts vary in length, though they generally run from six months to three years. The shortest contract we’ll accept is a 3-month hire. When your contract is nearing its end, contact your Account Manager at least six weeks in advance so we can help you transition to the next project.


How do I get started?

Sign up online or call one of our Account Managers at 352-569-9203. We’re ready to help you find your next assignment you’ve been looking for.


What positions & assignments are 3D Tek's clients looking to hire for?

  • Executive Management - CEO, CIO, CTO & CSO
  • Information Technology / MIS Manager
  • Project / Lead Managers
  • Programmers
  • Database Analysts / Administrators
  • Software Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • System Architects
  • Project / Lead Managers
  • System / Network Administrators
  • Systems Analysts
  • Technical Writers


What skills are clients looking for?

Click here to see areas of expertise clients engage 3D Tek's services.


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