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Drives innovation&digital transformation Momin Durrani - expert seeking opportunity

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Momin D.

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Momin has 23+ years of experience in the following areas: ☀ Strategic Planning & Execution ☀ Application Development ☀ Architecture and Design ☀ Agile & SDLC Methodologies ☀ Program/Portfolio Management ☀ IT Governance ☀ Cyber Security ☀ Global Product Delivery ☀ Digital Transformation ☀ Continuous Improvement ☀ Exemplary Leadership ☀ Team Management & Mentoring ☀ P&L/Budget Management ☀ Artificial Intelligence ☀ Innovation & Problem Solving 381c22da-24c3-4c72-851a-b8bd314d0b4c


  • Momin has a unique style of leadership; focusing on building a positive professional environment where everyone thrives and contributes at the highest level. Investing in the growth and wellbeing of resources, giving them ownership, and turning that synergy around with a laser focus on achieving exceptional results and surpassing expectations.
  • His exceptional ability to innovate and come up with solutions to complex problems and create new products for the market has been demonstrated many times during his career. Examples include creating the flagship product for Concordia Software; creating the first stored value cards in the financial industry while being at First Data Corp.
  • He is recognized for his ability to successfully turn around troubled initiatives as well as accomplish complete digital transformations.
    •  In 2007 the largest government contract in the company portfolio (TCV $30MM+) was burning red and a lawsuit waiting to happen. Momin was recruited by the President of the company as a strategic leader to help turn around this crisis situation. Within 3 weeks he had developed a plan for remediation, which was presented to and was approved by the C-Suite.  Momin then executed the first phase of this plan within the next 60 days to immediately stabilize the situation by implementing "quick wins" and restoring client confidence and support. The initial phase was followed by a yearlong effort to re-engineer, correct and complete all the scope of work turning this huge program into a success story. This turn around architected by Momin enabled the startup company to be acquired by a large global company for close to half a Billion dollars.

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