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Global IT leader who aligns people

Global IT leader who aligns people Fred Weisenbacher - expert seeking opportunity 457b8b

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Fred W.

Profile ID: 9107

Fred is a global IT leader who aligns people and technology to solve problems and drive business value.


  • His expertise is leading and mentoring IT teams to deliver clear value; proactively using IT to streamline or enhance business processes.  His strengths lie in his ability to work with people at all levels and to quickly understand new environments and technologies to make decisions. 
  • Fred has expanded his scope at his last company beyond traditional IT by leading projects that improved the division.
    • Four years ago, he created a team to focus on data capture automation and analysis: predictive analytics, statistics, design of experiments.  One example reduced human interaction in a repetitive process from 400 hours / year to 34 hours / year.
    • Reengineered processes that eliminated 11 temporary positions while improving quality and speed; another reduced inventory waste by 67%.
    • Designed and implemented a records management program to capture and retain the key paper or electronic records reducing legal exposure.
  • Track record of entering a project or area, quickly coming up to speed to make improvements or adjustments if needed.
  • Fred has an Executive Masters of Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey. 
  • Available and seeking a CIO or Division CIO role in a small or medium sized company. 
  • 22+ years of IT leadership experience:
    • Global knowledge: 12 years living in 3 European countries.
    • Business process reengineering and continuous improvement.
    • Strategic Planning
    • Budget management: one department and several within a region.
    • Project and portfolio management.
    • ERP (Finance, HR, CRM, inventory, etc.), applications management and implementations.
    • Infrastructure, audio / video, telephone management.
    • IT Governance.
    • Records retention and management.
    • Vendor partnership and management, including off-shore.
    • Business intelligence, analytics, machine learning
    • Team organization, development and training

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