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Strategic, High-performing CIO

Strategic, High-performing CIO Bart Louwagie - expert seeking opportunity

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Bart L.

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Bart is a strategic, high-performing Chief Information Officer with International experience. Confirmed by a recent 360 review Bart is a CIO with clear strengths in the following areas: vision, understanding problems, innovation, leadership, seizing opportunities, quick study, generating new ideas, optimism even in the face of opposition, influencing and promoting ideas, knowledge of business, energy, drive, coping with pressure, self-management, self-development, building strategic partnerships, maximizing team’s potentials. 237a4c28-ee7d-45bf-8f96-81ea9ef4bf34


Technology Executive who delivers high performance technology strategies  through  aligning corporate and Information Technology requirements and needs. Delivers strategic growth while consolidating development and resources. Makes complexity simple. Drives and sponsors adoption of technology that adds tangible value to its users. Defines Information, systems and security as core pillars for any solution to be rolled out. His understanding of the business needs and delivery of disaster readiness have helped several organisations recover from disasters and has created business continuity.


Bart was first employed by one organisation and later showed four other organisations that it is in everyone’s interest to build a consolidated  IT team and infrastructure to be used by all, combining private and public cloud solutions where IT personnel can further develop skills critical for the organisations. This often started from a crisis situation, typically caused by poorly managed IT aggravated by major system crashes and staffing /skill problems. Bart was called in to assess, rectify and rebuild. He combined short term tactical solutions with medium term strategies to rebuild the operations, infrastructure and teams. By combining the teams into one virtual team more specialists could be hired without increasing the total IT headcount or building infrastructure. The first organisation that joined saved $100,000 Capital expenses and $100,000 in salaries the first year on an IT budget of about $200,000. The infrastructure and staffing needs of the organisations are lower by about 40%. Each organisation’s joined after they required help in time of crises.


This collaboration provides access to solutions that each organization separately would never have been able to consider or implement. Each organization can use those solutions for their strategic needs such as Business Intelligence, Disaster Readiness and Security at lower cost and higher quality and management can focus on their vision, mission and strategies. Bart spearheaded the vision and execution of this challenging collaboration over the last six years. The IT services of this collaborative are seen as years ahead in IT compared to similar organisations. This collaboration model is now being copied by other departments such as Finance or Human Resources.


Bart took similar initiatives at prior positions and has creatively delivered additional revenue or savings, for instance by obtaining a healthcare grant of nearly $1M which was twice the amount of any healthcare organisation for the same grant or by partnering strategically with emerging technology solutions, such as: In Belgium he lead the initiative to build a showcase resulting in Cisco invested $2M into our Venture Capital fund. As for explained in this Cisco press release, he has regularly selected state of the art solutions to reduce costs and improve service delivery.


Bart has been with his current employer for over 10 years and prior to this position also worked as product manager for VoIP solutions, Chief Technology Officer for speech and Language Technologies with an Intel startup, team lead for network design for the European Space Agency and more. He is also on the advisory board of a company that builds solutions to secure hybrid cloud environments.

  • Over 20 years overall Leadership experience in these areas:
  • Strategic planning, alignment & execution.            
  • Collaboration & integration.
  • Security and HIPAA compliance.
  • Cloud & mobile computing.       
  • Business process improvement.                    
  • Project & risk management.
  • Infrastructure & telephony.            
  • Digital transformation.
  • Innovative solutions discovery and implementation.
  • Systems implementation.
  • Budget & cost management.                                    
  • Applications management.
  • Team development /training / coaching across cultures and nationalities.
  • IT governance & operations.               
  • Business intelligence (BI) /Key Performance Indicators/metrics.       
  • Strategic vendor partnerships.

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