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Business Basic is a category of variants of the BASIC computer programming language which were specialized for complex file-handling applications for business use on microcomputers in the 1970s and still continuing to today. Several similar versions emerged through the 1970s, starting with MAI Basic Four, BASIS BBx now know as (visual) PRO5 and its Java running counter-part BASIS BBj, Thoroughbred Basic, ProvideX PVX Plus and NOMADS and ERP FACTS. These programming professionals who are versed in theses languages are not easy to find – and they’re in high demand. Whether you’re looking to add a Business Basic programmer to your technology team, or you’re interested in leveling up your programming career with a new opportunity, 3D Tek can help.

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Our Business Basic recruiters have made a name for themselves recruiting in the legacy IT systems space. They can help you source, entice, and hire hard-to-find PVX Plus and Business Basic programmers to support your IT team – wherever your company is located.

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