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3D Tek helps you recruit high-performance teams across our specialty areas – digital health, manufacturing and distribution, and IT legacy systems – using a time-tested, consultative approach. Our executive IT recruiters use our proprietary eTRACCS process to provide your organization with the necessary insights to make informed IT hiring decisions, every time.

Specialized IT Recruitment

3D Tek offers specialized recruitment for Digital Health, IT Legacy Systems, Cybersecurity and Manufacturing.

We use our proprietary eTRACCS process to provide you with metrics that demonstrate our ability to find and hire your next top-performing candidate.

Our process includes:

  • Building a relationship with your Company to understand what matters most to you.
  • Representing your Company to attract and hire the best and brightest.
  • Providing you with a shortlist of leaders who are not only qualified but excited to join your organization.
  • Access to exclusive leadership talent who are NOT actively searching job boards for their next opportunity
  • Our process is performance-based
  • An unconditional lifetime discount on our fee, in the unlikely event that a leader ever leaves your company

Discover Opportunities. Grow Your IT Career.

Partnering with 3D Tek to advance your IT career means you gain a trusted partner with experience in your industry. Our IT recruiters are experts in digital health careers, manufacturing IT jobs and IT legacy system careers and are here to guide your IT career to the next level.

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