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Thin-Client Options Multiple concurrent users can access your ProvideX applications in separate protected sessions on

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Thin-Client Options

The ProvideX thin client technology introduces Windows, Java, or browser access to ProvideX applications running on UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers.

WindX, JavX, and UltraFX allow you to maintain application processing and data storage on a secure, centralized server, while delivering a Graphical User Interface to the client desktop. With thin client technology in place, multiple concurrent users can access your ProvideX applications in separate protected sessions on a single remote server. This arrangement permits rapid development and deployment of your programs across your user base. It also allows you to introduce a new GUI or terminal emulator to an otherwise character-based, platform-specific application.

WindX allows file access and processing to be handled by the client as well as the server to take advantage of functionality on either side of the connection. JavX offers platform independence, and the ability to turn the Web Browser into a universal ProvideX client. UltraFX delivers an entirely platform independent GUI environment for ProvideX applications with built-in features which includes toolbars (coolbars), dockable-stackable- moveable windows, split panes, embedded web browser and an instant PDF creator (for client-side printing).

Note: WindX is available as a stand-alone product and as a freely distributable Plug-In, under the ProvideX Professional or eCommerce license. JavX uses the same licensing method as the WindX Plug-In. UltraFX is a separately-purchased add-on that also requires a licensed copy of ProvideX running on the host system (ProvideX Version 8.30 and above).

Technical Roles include:

  • Programmers / Developers / Analysts
  • Software Engineers
  • Performance Testers
  • Database Administrators / DBA
  • Systems Administrators
  • Project Managers/Leads
  • CIO's
  • VP's
  • Web Developers
  • Quality Assurance Analysts
  • Database Developers
  • System Architects
  • Network Administrators
  • IT Directors
  • CTO's

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