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Visual Basic (particularly VB6 and its predecessors) revolutionized software development in the 1990s. Its intuitive visual interface, drag-and-drop controls, and focus on rapid application development (RAD) made programming accessible to a vast audience. Countless businesses embraced Visual Basic to create custom desktop applications, streamlining operations and automating tasks.

While officially unsupported by Microsoft, Visual Basic holds a significant legacy presence, especially in industries like medical, manufacturing, and IT. Many mission-critical systems within these sectors continue to rely on robust VB6 applications to handle tasks such as medical record management, factory equipment control, and IT support functions. This enduring dependence creates a niche demand for developers skilled in maintaining and extending these legacy systems.

Although superseded by newer technologies for most new development, Visual Basic's impact on democratizing programming and its lingering footprint in diverse industries secure its place in software history.

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